Wednesday, July 26, 2006


It's one big lovefest over here at my current job. I gave my 'official' notice to my boss, and my boss' boss, and my boss' boss' boss. Resignation letters were floating in the wind like ragweed this morning. Even though I had given my supervisors 'unofficial' warning last week, they still seemed surprised that I actually followed through with it.

One of the most surprising parts of this whole experience, on my end, was the fact that my supervisors knew that they wouldn't be keeping me for very long. According to them, they knew that they couldn't adequately compensate me for my talent and work ethic, and they knew that I would be able to find better work for more compensation elsewhere. As my boss put it, though, he was just hoping that I wouldn't figure that out as fast as I did!

It's nice to be liked and to have my work appreciated, it's just, well - did they need to wait until I was leaving to tell me this? Maybe I would have stayed if they had given me the ability to telecommute a couple days a week instead of the 'Employee of the Month' award. I might have traded some extra income for more respect, or at least a little less disrespect. It seemed like every third day or so someone was telling me that I should expect X, or I couldn't do Y and Z because I wasn't a "Director-level position". Well, this non-director is leaving, which is making a lot of overworked directors very nervous.


jenna said...

HA! i know it's mean of me, but i find some sick pleasure in your post (for those who don't know, i worked in the same place - B even took over my position when i left - and grew it into way more than i ever could have). they only way they will ever learn how to keep people is to open their eyes when the good people keep leaving. sadly, in the 3 years i've known that place, they haven't learned yet. you are going on to bigger and better things - enjoy!

Anonymous said...

They need to get over the "TITLE" hang-up and realize what is really happening in that place.