Thursday, July 20, 2006




I hate being sick.

No one told me that motherhood would induce sickness at every opportunity.

No one told me that my beloved child would breed germs that cause me to get sick all the time. Him, I knew about. Me? Not so much.

I'm currently sitting here on my couch, at 12:10am, wishing to God I could go to sleep. Wishing I could blog about something other than how miserable I feel.

Nyquil. Oh my beloved nyquil. Please escort me to your blissful unconscious land.


I'm begging you.


p said...

Aw, poor B. Feel better! I will reply to you at more length over e-mail but I wanted to let you know that all the fashionable 13-month olds these days are wearing stripes and solids---not tie-dye. Tie-dye is so last year's baby!!

Watch your mailbox.


Pregnant In Texas said...

Well, Z. needs to be wearing what all the fashionable east coast babies are wearing if he is ever to get into a good college!

I trust your judgement and am anxiously checking my mailbox.

Much love,

dee said...

Hope you are feeling better soon! I swear babies breed germs on purpose just to get the mommies sick. Sneaky little devils.