Thursday, July 13, 2006


This post could be labeled, "Frustration". I haven't been this frustrated and annoyed in over three months. Can anyone remember what I decided to do three months ago? Well, kudos to those that remember I started Seasonel, the birth control pill that regulates your hormones so you only get your period every three months.

It is the end of the three months. My period is making me a tired, cranky, emotional, vulnerable mess. My insecurity increases exponentially in response to fatigue. I have no idea what chemical changes in my body actually cause that, I just know that I shouldn't handle loaded fire arms during "this time of the (three) months".

Did I mention that Zac has cut two front teeth and I haven't slept more than six hours any day this week?

As he was crying yesterday- mouth opened wide in a gigantic scream, lungs bellowing, tears rolling down his cheeks - I saw that he has two front teeth that have broken the skin. It appears that he will have the same tooth structure as his Mom and perhaps be called "Beaver" until he gets braces in his teenage years. The FOB is 1/2 English, and has horrible teeth as well.

It also appears that the little guy will have the same track record in love as his Mom. Yesterday, at daycare, he was sitting next to an older, cute Hispanic girl (maybe around 1 1/2 - 2 years old). The daycare provider said that he was leaning over "to give her kisses" and reached out "to touch her head". She moved away at the last moment and he fell flat on his head. When I arrived to pick him up, the girl's Mom was holding her, the daycare provider was holding Zac, trying to fill out an injury form. He had a huge knot on his forehead and bruise spreading down around his eye. The kid was still smiling. It's times like that that I'm not really convinced that he came from my uterus.

Then I realized that he was still reaching for the little girl.

Take it from me, Zac, older women will only break your heart. Keep your hands to yourself.

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