Friday, June 09, 2006


The two men in my life, watching baseball.
You can see the tree in our front yard that is still staked up after Hurricane Rita last year and, yes, I know the two of them look like they came straight out of a scene in Forest Gump. That's why I like this picture so much.


Jen said...

Cutest picture award! Z takes great pictures, but you can almost feel the male bonding in this one.

jenna said...

omg, this is too much! absolutely norman rockwell! to be framed for posterity for sure.

hey - i need help from you since you are the master of photos in your blog. can you please tell me how you place your pics at the right spots?? it seems like whenever i upload pictuers they just all go wherever they want and i can never match up the captions with the pictures. you can email me if you want. thanks, mistress of the blog!!

p.s. - how did the date go???

doow said...

Great photo - definitely one for the scrapbook!