Monday, June 05, 2006


I recently had a decision to make. It was a decision that pained me because, let's face it, spending money to lose weight sucks. But, here was my decision. I could either look at this every day for the next 15-20 years:

or at this:

I couldn't fiancially do both. The self-portrait was taken while Aunt Jen was visiting and for those of you that have seen the pictures of me pregnant in Hawaii, you might recognize that bathing suit. Yep. That is my maternity bathing suit. It still fits. I see no point in getting a new suit while the old one works just as well and highlights my gigantic, floppy Mom boobs. I also like that the skirt is long enough that it covers most of my baby-induced stretch marks on my hips and thighs.

Charlie, the dog, is currently at the Houston SPCA. Sorry, guy.

So, Weight Watchers it is. I'm thiiiisssss close to losing 10 pounds in 8 weeks. Even my binging over Memorial Day weekend hasn't completely stopped the weight loss. People are beginning to notice, as well, which scares the crap out of me. You see, if no one notices that I've lost weight, no one will notice when I (inevitably? Jeez, I have a bad attitude about this) gain it back. It has taken so much work to lose even the amount that I have that I can't imagine continuing to care this much about my weight and my body.

My clothes are also getting bigger. Right now I'm wearing a pair of light beige trousers that are rolled at the waist so they will stay up. All of my clothes are this big and while, to most people, that would mean, "Shopping spree!!! Go and celebrate by buying yourself a new outfit!" (as the Weight Watcher's leader always tells the group) for me it means, "Be creative with what you can do with belts and safety pins." Sometimes I wonder if I should hold off on the whole trying-to-lose weight thing until I can afford buying new clothes. Fortunately, most of my wardrobe contained clothes that I hoped one day I would fit into again. For now, I can deal with rolled waistbands and button-down shirts that don't gape open in the front.


jenna said...

i don't get the picture of the puppy . . . .but regardless - congrats on the work you've accomplished so far, and even more so, congrats on sticking with it!! seriously, it's not easy, especially when results are slow and hard won. believe me, i know. i've been trying to take off 15 pounds since i don't when - the last year?! and i give up all the time because the easy fixes (like weight watchers, which was easy for me most of the time) won't work anymore. i made an appt with a nutritionist for week after next, let's hope she has some new ideas for me. anyway, KEEP IT UP!

Pregnant In Texas said...

I can't afford a dog and Weight Watchers. I have a $300 pet deposit, plus the cost of getting the dog from the SPCA. Add in dog food, toys, leashes, etc. and there would be no Giant Fudge Bars in my future if I got a dog.

dee said...

I've been on Weight Watchers since November and had lost about 35 pounds before taking an unplanned dieting break for a few months. I maintained my weight but still want to lose another 20 pounds so I started back up yesterday. Good luck with the dieting. It has been pretty hard for me, but the results are definitely worth it.

jenna said...

aaahhhh, didn't know you were thinking about getting a dog. dogs are fun, but yes, expensive. are cats cheaper??