Friday, June 02, 2006


These are just too great to keep to myself. Here a sample of some craigslist men. Read them and experience why I'm not currently dating in Houston. It turns out, it has nothing to do with carrying a diaper bag and baby.

"Hello. What are you seeking? I am just an average Joe. I am not a young kid. I am older than you. I am not married. I do not have a good car. I have no money. I do have a college degree at or above your education level. I have dark hair and there is baldness too.If you want to meet a nice giuy, then meet mew for a movie."
"Hi, how are you?

Who is this guy who is writing you may ask? My name is XXX , I'm 23, andI live on the northeast side. I should inform you before we go any further that I'm blind. I'm not asking for pity or anything like that, in fact I despise pity, I just thought you should know before talking to me that is if you decide to talk to me lol. To answer the next question I know your asking I have software called a screen reader which makes the computer talk to me. I have the keyboard memorized. I like to fish, do pretty much anything else outdoors, read,write music, play guitar, do things people tell me can't be done for example I'm the only blind bull rider that I know of, I like intelligent conversations, and I'm very spontaneous. I'm going to attach a picture but if you want more pictures go XXXXXXX
the view more pics link.

Please write back and tell me more about you? Please also describe yourself since i can't see pictures? Also feel free to ask anything you would like to know. I look forward to hearing from you"

"I think I may be the you like red wine or white?" -M
"Hi your ad is the most geniune I have seen on Craigs List. I am a professional man working two jobs. I am seeking someone like yourself to display mutal affection. I am interested in only being with one woman in a relationship. I am 6'2"..light brown eyes..muscular..210lbs..43/divorced. I hope to hear from you soon. You sound just so wonderful. :) "

It's nice to be wonderful. Even if it is only to a stranger. I've e-mailed back two of these people, but I'm not telling which ones.


Amanda said...

I met my husband online (yahoo personals) but only after a plethora of men claiming to be my "knight in shining armour" and asking whether or not I would describe myself as having "birthing hips".

Pregnant In Texas said...


Whoa! Really?!? The man I went out with over the weekend I met on yahoo personals. He was so nice on the phone and in e-mail, in person, he turned into something else completely.

jenna said...

i know which two i would have emailed . .. now i want to know!