Wednesday, May 31, 2006


The good news:

I got a flat tire yesterday (one of the downsides of living/working/commuting in a rough neighborhood - screws and nails all over the freakin' place). I fortunately managed to make it to work when my coworker called me to say that I had a flat tire in the parking lot, I quickly called roadside the rain. "Roadside assistance" came (read: one man, two kids in a hatchback Volvo) and changed my tire. I went to Discount Tires where they (and this is the part that kills me) FIXED MY TIRE FOR FREE! Yes, I had to wait an hour and embarassed myself horribly during that time (I asked the guy working the counter if he had, "gotten someone pregnant", when he mentioned that he hopes he has a boy. I realized as he sputtered, "Yes, my wife is pregnant" that I should have asked the more genteel question: "Are you expecting?". My bad. I guess getting knocked up does have lasting consequences on my social graces), but they fixed it. That's all that matters.

The bad news:

Still managed to overdraft my checking account because (ha!) Washington Mutual put a hold on my check that I deposited and (ha!) wouldn't credit my account (ha...ha....ha...). That's manical laughing your reading in, "I can't win and maybe I'm going to stop trying". When I called WaMu to ask about what had happend they told me and then informed that I was qualified for the triple platinum Master Card that could help solve all of my financial issues. Right.

The ugly news:

Stress has caused my entire face to breakout. The last time I looked this bad, I was in Mongolia and didn't have access to hot water. Speaking of the 'golia, I got a beautiful package from my friend that included a jacket for me and a(nother) vest for Zac. Pictures will be forthcoming shortly. I have the best non-Central Asian-dressed baby this side of the Pacific!


mynewshoes said...

Somehow when I see "The good news - I got a flat tire..." I feel like you're either being incredibly positive or tricking me.
1) I'm glad they fixed it for free.
2) You may want to go in and talk to wamu in person - crying in front of them usually works for me.
3) My face is a pimple-ridden mess too. But I don't have an adorable baby with great clothes. Just a bunch of zits all over my face.
Love ya,

Pregnant In Texas said...

I tried calling them and asked them to refund the overdraft fee, but they said that they couldn't because it wasn't a bank error, just a policy.


jenna said...

so with you on the break out shit. what the fuck is with "adult acne?"!! it's wrong is what it is, WRONG. my whole forehead is a bumpy mess. the best tho is when i get a big one - usually on my chin or nose, and can't resist fucking with it. i have a nice scar on my chin now from one i picked at a month ago. sigh.