Friday, April 14, 2006


I gave Flickr some love today and found an easy way to post pictures to my blog. Some folks had asked me for a picture/more information about S. so I stole a couple pictures from his myspace website. He works as a warehouse manager in the east Houston area. That might not sound too exciting, or down right boring to those not interested in warehousing, but I was excited when he first told me what he did. You see, I work in a warehouse. My office looks over the product recovery area, where salvaged food product come down the conveyor belts and are sorted into categories by volunteers, who may or may not be Texas Department of Criminal Justice Inmates. Let me tell you, nothing says, "Monday morning" like watching a group of thirty inmates tackle 20 pallets of salvaged food. The program with the TDCJ guys is really amazing; they volunteer to come here and earn a warehouseman certificate so they can get a job when they are released. Usually my organization hires them, at least temporarily.

Anyways, S. and I talk about warehousing quite a bit. Sometimes he forgets that I know more about pallet jacks, fork lifts, and dry storage than the average 25 year-old woman. I occasionally have to remind him that my warehouse has a bigger distribution dock than his warehouse and I'll get into a pissing contest with him if that will help solidify my credibility as being "down with warehousing". It's nice that he has some concept of some of the programs I'm trying to fund in our warehouse and for our agencies.

Onto Myspace, however....I think that other bloggers share similar feelings as I do - when people ask if I'm on Friendster or Myspace. I'm like, "No. I've already got one website. How many more do I need?" Of course if I was really serious about blogging, I would set up my own domain name and go to town, but I'm not ready for that kind of commitment yet. I do regret choosing a url that focused on being pregnant, especially since I'm not pregnant now. Not a whole lot that I can do about it now, however.

Friendster is something that, sooner or later, I might just have to join. It seems like EVERYONE I know has a Friendster page and they're always asking me to set one up, or join their Friendster network, and marvel in the connections between people that know other people that possible know people that I know. That's too much knowing in my book. I'm a bit reclusive if you haven't noticed. I like being annonymous on here and I like that if I ever got tired of publishing my random thoughts, I could quit. I already have too much guilt without having to worry about messing up anyone's network.

Edited: Forgot to give you all the update that I have another infection in my throat/ear and am back on a course of antibiotics. Also got on the Pill yesterday that is supposed give you one period every three months, "like that changing of the season"(!) I was worried that it was going to be more expensive than the regular Pill, but it was covered my insurance and cost $50 for three months. Hell, I'd pay $50 to not get my period every month. With the amount of cramping I have right now, I'd pay $50 for someone to take out my uterus once a month and put it back in with the whole, shedding-of-the-uterine lining thing was finished.

I did appreciate when the pharmicist kindly told me that taking antibiotics and birth control at the same time would decrease the effectiveness of my birth control. I looked at Zac, who sat in his stroller, chewing on my cell phone, and throwing Cheerios on the ground (he can multi-task!!). I smiled. I told the pharmicist that she was about eighteen months too late for that warning and walked out into the beautiful Texas afternoon.


Jen said...

Hmmm, have to say he looks nothing like I imagined - although now that I've seen him, I can't describe what I imagined. K says "psycho stalker", I think "somewhat scary but not psycho". Oh well, you know him personally so he must not be quite as scary as all that.

p said...

Like newshoes, I commented a while ago and figured Z must have eaten the comment as it never showed up. Sorry I've been lurking lately :) can you tell? I'm really glad you got your own place and a nice guy to brag about warehouse life with! Sounds like things is good.

By the way, this is my new favorite sentence of all time:

"I looked in the panty and saw ants (the small, brown kind)"

If you don't get why it's my favorite, read it a few more times :)


FR said...

join the cults, b! friendster and my space (besides likely being fbi projects and a free dating service) can be some good fun... and a good way to keep up with the goings-on of your faraway friends, voyeur-style :)

annab said...

i totally disagree with fr about friendster. your blog is way cooler. i don't think you can post all those pictures of zac on one friendster profile. they are so cute!

Pregnant In Texas said...

Either way ladies, the friendster thing isn't going to happen. Besides, if people really want to know what my favorite color is, they should ask me, or realize that it doesn't matter.

jenna said...

so why was his car towed? did he park in a bad zone?

and dude, you are one brave woman for giving him this address - you got balls, sistah - i love it!

and myspace rules. :P

Pregnant In Texas said...

He had parked in an "assigned" parking spot, although it isn't actually assigned to anyone.

S. has chosen not to read this site, so my balls are for nothing. A little anti-climatic actually.

As for me giving him this address, I thought that it was only fair since I had seen his Myspace site.

jenna said...

btw, did you realize you see S.'s name when you click to the pictures of him?
(you can delete this comment w/o posting)

jenna said...

oh, sure, NOW you diable the "preview comments before posting" rule! :P

Pregnant In Texas said...


I try to use people's rule of, if they use their first name (or last name) on the internet, then I will. He uses his first name on his myspace account, so I put it on my flickr account. I call him S. on my blog because it feels right.

And, yes, due to popular demand, I did delete the preview comments before posting.