Wednesday, April 12, 2006


Scary, scary times I tell you. I just shared this blog with S. It's crazy to me that although I put out this blog out there for anyone to read that might stumble upon it (or those that I have harassed enough to read on a regular basis), that I still might be nervous to share this part of me with someone that knows me in "real life". I don't really know what "real life" is, except that it has something to do with farting in my sleep, uterine cramps at my office computer, and possibly seeing me naked.

My uterus is out to get me. I think it's still mad from that whole, 9-pound child thing. I've been having bleeding mid-month lately. This can only mean one thing if I go to the doctor, time for the Pill. The Pill and I have been friends since I was thirteen - WAY before I was sexually active and needed a form of birth control (98% effective, my ass. Or should I say MY CHILD!). There is just something upsetting about needed to be hormonally regulated, especially when I'm already regulated in so many other ways. I'm hyper regulated. If it wasn't so annoying to be constantly bleeding, I would say, "Screw it. Hormones be damned," but then there is that whole, "Sex in 06" thing and even though I got pregnant on the Pill, it would be nice to be on it again to make extra, extra sure that it doesn't happen again anytime in the near, semi-near, or in the same ballpark as near, future.


Jen said...

Don't think of it as regulated, think of it as something like "chemically-assisted", since we all know that drugs are bad, mmmkay? Besides, you don't need a girl-parts oil change every other week, ya know!

Anonymous said...

hey, i'm still reading, i just haven't been commenting because life in memphis has been crazy busy as of late... i do love your blog though!


g-starr said...

i read your blog often, and now should make good on my framji-incited resolution to avoid blurking.

well done on sorting out the apartment and generally being pretty inspiring!