Thursday, February 23, 2006


It's not that I don't want to write in my's that I'm finding a hard time carving out a chunk of time to write that doesn't involve strategically moving my computer screen so my boss can't see it or juggling a baby that thinks pulling my hair out from the root and putting his ENTIRE mouth on the side of the head is the funnest thing EVER.

It was so much easier when I closed my office door twice a day and twenty minutes of private time. My ability to pump and type only made it that much sweeter for me (and tended to lead to more interesting blog entries). Now, I'm stuck.

Let me do a quick update, Aunt Jen style:

1) Zac is finally better. He lost 10 oz from the whole illness, but no hearing loss. I, however, am thrilled that I'm no longer being vomitted on.

2) Trainer said that he wasn't interested in me. I said that I had invited him to Mardi Gras (in Galveston, TX - I didn't end up going) as a friend, not as a date. He said that maybe we could be friends, then. I told him that we shouldn't push it.

3) Went out on a casual date last night. The guy was such a shmuck that mid-way through a story that he was telling to me and his brother, he stops to stare at a woman walking by. He turns to his brother and says, "Oh, yeah. I'll be seeing her this Saturday," and then they high-five. By the time that he turns back to me, he's forgotten where he was in the story and I have to remind him to finish. I cut my losses half way through the night and started talking to a woman that goes to a church that I'm interested in checking out.

4) Spending most of my time thinking or researching apartments for Zac and I. I've given up my dream of home ownership after finding out that to qualify for down payment assistance you have to agree to live in the house for five years. Five years sounds like a prison sentence to me. So scared and excited about independence that my stomach gets upset whenever I think about it, which I do quite a lot.

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Ali said...

That date guy sounds like a louse! How jerky. Good for you for moving on and talking to someone decent though! What church are you interested in? I found one, but did a little tour a couple of years back. It was pretty fun to check them all out.