Tuesday, December 13, 2005


You decide:
1) Jolly fat man in a charming outfit
2) Guy that jumped off his Harley, got in a red suit, and started taking pictures as "Santa" at a downtrodden mall.....

The choice is yours.


Anonymous said...

That Santa would scare ANY child, so your son must be a very happy and content child to sit with him!! I know that you don't know me but I came across your blog when I was pregnant. Our children are a month apart. I do come check your site out still sometimes since I feel like we are very similar, pretty close in age, and have the same type of things going on, so I just thought I would say hello...and you have a beautiful baby boy!!


Jen said...

I just have to point out that Z is getting hair! Real hair! Congratulations little man! xoxox

p said...

I heard an NPR story about a phalanx of Santas who go to Atlanta (oh dear, that rhymed) to get their beards and hairstyles done by a professional Santa stylist. Obviously that guy missed the boat :) But at least Zac looks happy and adorable!

-Santa in Atlanta

p.s. 25 is a signpost on the road to middle age? Fuck you!!! I've been 25 for 1.5 whole months now without creaking or rattling. You will too. :)

p.p.s. When you're older, Zac will be happy he has such a young, energetic mom. I'm not knocking my mom but she was 38 when she had me, and it definitely can be an issue, esp. without a dad around. Happy birthday B!!!

Christini said...

Wow. At first I thought there were triplets in the picture, but then I realized those were just the bags under Santa's eyes.
I'm going to pick option B. I'm guessing Santa's wearing leather chaps under that suit.
Z is looking cuter than ever! All of that boob milk must do a body good.