Sunday, November 06, 2005


The first picture is his "pre-Halloween" outfit that my next door neighbor gave him. The second picture is him in his giraffe suit, which was conveniently purchased in late July for Halloween.

Yes....he is quite possibly the cutest baby ever.

What I like the most about the two pictures, besides his unbelievable smile and blue eyes, is the change in perspective. If you just saw the first picture, you would think that he was just a little baby. If you just saw the second picture, you would think that A) He was a toddler. B) A giant mutant baby or C) A baby with the chubbiest cheeks ever (which is quite possibly true). But, he's mine and I love him....cranky, teething monster and all.


P said...

Aw, look at his little eyebrows!

Ok I'm weird. But he has the cutest wee eyebrows ever :)



v said...

quite possibly the cutest thing ever!

hope you're well!


Jen said...

My nephew is adorable! The FOB is an idiot for missing out.

Anonymous said...

That Zac is SOMEthing else! I can't wait to meet him.... ONLY, WHAT WILL I WEAR??????

-- Rachel