Sunday, September 11, 2005


The funniest thing about this picture is that Zac is wearing his "I *heart* Mommy" hat. We were trying to get a cute picture of him in the his hat that Jenna and Melissa gave him, but you can see from the picture that he wasn't going to go along with that idea.

His hat may say "I love you", but his face says, "Just kidding, sucka"

The second thing that I noticed about this picture was how tired I look. Zac has been waking up every two hours for the past couple of days and it has really started to get me. I like the every 5-6 hour cycle much better. Fortunately, he is asleep now and I now it is my turn to get ready for bed.



Anonymous said...

You're looking gorgeous as always, girl. Lovely picture of mama and her baby.

FR said...

what a picture... you (and your striking blue eyes) look proud to be the mom of that screaming little munchkin. hope you got some sleep last night :)

jenna said...

ahhhh!! zac - you betrayed us!! :)
love to both of you. and sleep.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, so I told Zac to do that everytime he wore the had we got him. Looks like he listened!


Pregnant In Texas said...

You bitch, Mel! That is the last time I try and get a cute picture for you.

Hope you are doing ok in the Nac. I've been thinking about you and the flooding there. Are you all dry there?