Sunday, July 03, 2005



I can't write for long because the numbness in my fingers and wrists is really bothering me today, but I wanted to update and let everyone know that the doctor has set a date for my progeny to come into the world. I will go into the hospital in the evening on Wednesday, July 6th for a ripening procedure (....will they leave me out on the counter overnight....maybe put me next to some bananas.....rub me with coco butter and throw me outside until I'm "done".......) Alas, the procedure isn't nearly as fun as any of those things. I'll get a softening medication rubbed directly on my cervix and then wait twelve hours for the magic to happen. Let me just say that cervixes don't really liked to be touched. They are up high for a reason.

Then on Thursday, July 7th, provided everything has gone well up to that point, the doc will administer pitocin through my IV at 7am. Then the fun really starts. Anyone who has any vague knowledge of pitocin tells me that it is one knock-down-drag-out-kick-you-while-you're-down drug that doesn't take any prisoners. Contractions? Here I come.

Only three more days until the human that I've carried for nine months comes out and becomes his own person.....I'm scared shitless.


Caroline said...

Good luck! I will be thinking of you and when you get a chance let us see your beautiful son. :)

Anonymous said...

Oh B! Congrats, and good luck! My thoughts and prayers and crossed fingers and toes will definitely be with you...
Much love,