Thursday, April 14, 2005


How do I put this?.....I'm in Hawaii.....on vacation......six months pregnant.....with my grandmother. I haven't updated in so long because blogspot wasn't working. Then I went to Seattle for a family reunion and baby shower. Now I'm in my ex-boyfriend's apartment in Waikiki, updating my blog, and hanging out with him and his new girlfriend. I dated B. in high school for three years and we broke up when he went to college. He joined a fraternity in early summer at Washington State University and I left for the East Coast in late summer. I cried a lot that summer, but now his new woman, A., is lovely and I'm very happy for him. I also promised to give him my blog address for letting me use his computer, so I have to say nice things about the two of them. Ha! Just kidding.

Seeing my extended family in Seattle was like stepping back in time in a wonderful, graceful way. Whether I'm seven or twenty-four, nothing really changes. Here is a little story to illustrate why I love my family so much. My cousin called everyone in the family on April Fool's Day (which my Great Uncle has renamed George Bush Day) to say that her son had run off to Vegas with his new girlfriend to get married. What makes this story so funny is that she lives in Germany so she went through a lot of trouble for this joke and her son, Owen, hasn't ever really dated anyone. So, she's calling everyone and she gets to her Dad, the man that Owen is named after. The elder Owen got really excited at the news and started asking her a lot of questions, starting with, "Is she pregnant? Because I really like having little ones around. I really hope that he got her pregnant." When my Great Aunt was telling story, everyone was laughing, there were little kids running in and out of the room screaming, we were eating cake and talking about names for Peanut. That is why I love my family.

Peanut went into the ocean today for the first time. He's been kicking me ever since, which I take to mean that liked it. I'll try and post some more stories and pictures from Hawaii when I get back. Until then, Aloha!

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