Wednesday, March 23, 2005


I'm getting more and more excited to see all of my friends and family at the party in honor of Peanut (otherwise known as a baby shower). The party will be in NYC hosted by the beautiful and wonderful M. and V. (applauding in cyber-space to them for doing this for the baby and I *hugs* *kisses* *ok, maybe a couple of more kisses* blushing...ah, shucks.... GO SMITH CREW!). Every time I think about going to a party in NYC I suddenly get Nelly in running through my head and an odd smile on my face. I'm told that invitations should be sent out soon via e-mail.

You might notice that I've included a link to my baby registries at Babies R Us and Target. Please don't do anything to my registries or try and find my family and I. Basically, I'm trusting you, the blog reader, to not suck. The links are just there if you would like to buy something for me or the baby to help us celebrate the coming of Peanut. Right now the nursery is painted yellow with big white bubbles on the wall. His crib is white (and still not assembled) and his changing table is black. Peanut's Grandma has bought him a couple of stuffed animals and his Grandpa and I went out clothes shopping at the used kids store. Other than that, I've got nothing. Zip. Zero. Unless I buy some more stuff soon, the kid is going to have to be potty trained from birth and I'm going to squirt my breast milk into a Dixie cup throughout the day. Yummm....
" I'm gettin pages out of New Jersey, from Brittany B, tellin me about a party up in NYC. And can I make it? (Damn Right). I be on the (next flight) payin cash, (first class) sittin next to Vanna White" by Nelly "Ride Wit Me"


Aunt Jen said...

Ha! Did you buy a used baby at that store?? Does that mean you can trade up?

Anonymous said...

All right, jerkhead. I meant to say that it was a used kids' clothing store! Geesh....see if I name you guardian of Peanut! :)

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