Thursday, February 24, 2005


I met my OB-GYN yesterday during my initial appointment with her. She seems incredibly nice in a, "I don't take any shit and we can sit around and talk about babies and vaginal discharge for hours, but that doesn't mean that I take any shit," kind of way. Our appointment together covered some of the finer points of labor and delivery with me. As it turns out, the birth of a child is considered a medical procedure for the woman, so family and FOB have no legal right to be in the delivery room with me. I can invite them in, but I can also invite them to leave. Fabulous. I was having these fears about the FOB demanding to be in the room with me and then my father and him getting into some kind of fistfight a la Hugh Grant and Tom Arnold in "Nine Months".

*Disclaimer- Part of sharing my pregnancy experiences includes some details of medical procedures. If you don't want to read about them, I suggest that you discontinue reading now and check back later* The Doc swindled me into having a Pap smear yesterday. I was supposed to have one during the first trimester, but with the move and all, I didn't. So, I'm laying there with my feet in stirrups imagining the baby trying to answer the knock at the front door of my cervix. Speculums are never fun in that region of the body and they are even less fun pregnant. The baby swims down to investigate the disturbance. Some shouting might occur between the baby and the object; something along the lines of, "Hey, hey.....I don't know you. Stop that. God you're cold. Get out of here!" I can only pray that I had my first and last pregnant pap smear.

On a lighter note, Doc said that baby's heartbeat was 156 beats per minute, right around hummingbird range. The baby is moving around a lot and I should feel some fluttering within the next two weeks. Keep your fingers crosssed for that one.

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