Tuesday, February 22, 2005


When my friend Mandzie first recommended that I blog, she threw out the suggestion, like: "B., you should get a blog and tell all of us what it is like to be pregnant." I laughed it off. I'm the first one of my friends from college to get pregnant and considering that most of friends will need some extra hardware to conceive (I'm told that it is called "Alternative Insemination" NOT "Artificial"), it looks like I might be the only one for a while. After I moved, it started to seem like a good idea to keep people updated as to the baby's progress and my own mental state.

Today has been rough. I've been tormenting myself by looking at baby pictures on babiesonline.com. The pictures of the babies born from Feb1-15th are especially cute. Why I like looking at newborns that have no relation to me at all, is beyond me. Looking at pictures or listening to other pregnant women is the only way I get excited about my own baby. That is the hardest part about being single and pregnant. I have no one to turn to in the middle of the night and say: "I wonder if the baby is going to look like Craig or my cousin Steve?" or, "Honey, I haven't felt it move yet, but I have a strong pain on my right side. Do you think that's normal?"

Tomorrow is my first OB-GYN appointment in Houston and Thursday, 2/24 is the "Big" ultrasound.

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