Monday, February 21, 2005


Oh thank God that Valentine's Day is over! I'm not being particularly anti-love, but I am against a holiday that makes you feel bad if you don't have anyone to spend it with. I worked on refinishing the baby's dresser/changing table and painting the walls of the nursery. Not the ideal Valentine's Day by far, but at least I felt good about the progress I'm making in the baby's room. Even though I don't have anyone to love right now, the baby will know that I love it. The baby didn't even make me get sick to my stomach when the father called me at 11pm to tell me that he's depressed because he's not dating anyone. Yeah, that went over well with me. I cried myself to sleep, woke up the next morning and decided to stop communicating with him on any sort of personal level. It is just too painful.

So, I'm 19 weeks and some change. I still haven't felt the baby move yet, which is more dissapointing than I can really explain. It feels like I'm getting bigger and bigger for no reason. Intellectually, I know that there is a baby in there, but I would like to start feeling it on an emotional, spiritual level. After taking the advice of some women who have done this sort of thing before, I tried to do beginning yoga with my Mom at the YMCA over the weekend to see if I could get anything going in there. Unfortunately, I ended up laying on the mat in the fetal, resting position most of the time. Prenatal yoga seems the way to go. My Mom liked it, though, which is good. My Dad might even join us soon.

The big ultrasound is this Thursday, February 24th at 4pm. I should know the gender soon!

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